Creating an email campaign

Click on the Email  tab to compose, modify, schedule, and send all emails.  All types of emails that can be created, including single emails, email campaigns and automated emails are composed, managed and sent from the Email  tab. You may begin the process by either clicking on the Red + button or Select a Design.

Emails can be composed in the conventional method used in regular email systems or through the use of starter files.  The starter files are called Email Templates.  It is also possible to use custom, externally-designed email templates, which can be imported by clicking the Import Template button in the right side panel. 
Loading Templates
We provide a broad array of very high quality graphical email templates. These templates are located in the Email Gallery and are sorted into different folders such as Template Builder, Birthday, Events & Invitations etc.  These templates can be used as the starting point for any individual email, email campaign or automated email.  Simply click within the Email Gallery folder, look through the various styles and click on any individual template. Once selected, the template will become active and visible in the email editor panel in the center of the screen.
To distinguish between images and text in the template, pay attention to your cursor.  The appearance of the cursor will change when you pass over one or the other.  If your cursor passes over an image, it will no longer display the text cursor.

After you have customized the template, you can send it, or save it to any one of the personal folders in your account.  

Drafts and My Folders are only viewable by you. If you are part of a multiple user account, the Shared Folder will become available and accessible by all the account members. So if you want a coworker to use a template you designed, save it to the shared folder.

Add/Delete/Insert/Duplicate/Drag to relocate blocks of a template

As you mouse over any of the Email Gallery templates you will notice that the template is constructed of a number of blocks, all of which can be manipulated. This allows the user to customize any of our templates in numerous ways by using the plus, minus, and arrow buttons located within each block.

Blocks may be added to a template by dragging them from the right panel of the email editor.

Modifying Text
Most text in the email template can be modified or deleted.  Simply click on any text in the template and change it directly by use of the alpha-numeric keys on your keyboard.  The keyboard Delete and backspace keys can be used to delete text.  Use the Text Editor Toolbar to customize the format and color of the text.  The Text Editor Toolbar will appear once you place the cursor within any text. The toolbar may be relocated by mousing down and dragging it to another location.

Filler text is typically displayed in the “Lorem ipsum…” style.  This text should always be replaced before the email is sent. Some of the email templates use images that contain text, usually in the main header or banner image.  This text will not be directly editable

Modifying Buttons

Any button in the email template can be edited or deleted.  Simply click on any button to make it active.  Once selected, use the Button Toolbar to change the button color, change the text or text color, or move it to the right, left, or center. The toolbar may be relocated by mousing down and dragging it to another location.

Modifying Images
Any image in the email template can be replaced or deleted.  Simply click on any image to make it active.  Once selected, use the Image Toolbar to make the modifications. 
The toolbar may be relocated by mousing down and dragging it to another location.

To replace the selected image click on the green replace image icon and browse on your computer to the new image you wish to use.
Use the Modify dropdown to Crop, Resize, or place a Border around the selected image.
Use the Align dropdown to align the selected image to the Right or Left.
Use the hyperlink button to link the selected image or text, to your web page, email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.

Click on the link you wish to make and type in your link information.

 Click on the OK button to make the link.

Use the hyperlink button to edit an established link. An active links will display a blue icon in the dropdown.
Use the unlink button to remove all links to the selected image or text.

Delete text or images
Any image or text in the body of the email can be removed by using the keyboard Delete or Backspace keys.  Or, use the “trash can” icon in the toolbar once the text or image is selected.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Email Editor
The following keyboard shortcuts can be used for manipulating text and images:
Cut                                          Ctrl-x or Cmd-x
Copy                                       Ctrl-c or Cmd-c
Paste                                       Ctrl-v or Cmd-v
Select All                                Ctrl-a or Cmd-a
Save                                        Ctrl-s or Cmd-s
Undo                                       Ctrl-z or Cmd-z
Filling in the To and Subject fields
You have the choice of entering individual email addresses or pre-defined groups into the To field.  Clicking directly on the To: will display all previously created Tags & Filters in your account.

Once the desired option appears in the dynamic list, simply select it and it will be entered into the To field.
All Contacts – This selection will use all contacts in the database for this account.
Tags & Filters - This selection allows the user to pick from the list of currently defined groups. 

Direct entry of email address
To enter individual emails, whether or not they are in the contact database for your account, simply click the cursor into the To field and directly type the information.  As the information is typed, the system will suggest a tag, filter, or person from the existing contacts in your account database that begin to match your entry.
The system will allow one group and several individual email addresses to be included in the To field. If you desire to send an email to multiple groups or multiple single contacts, simply create a new group comprised of multiple existing groups or contacts.
Cc Button
Click the Cc button within the To field to add the field to the editor panel for your current email.  The Cc field will only accept individual email addresses.  Also, email addresses contained in the Cc field will not be included in the statistics tracked in the Report component. The Cc option is not available for Group/Campaign sends.
Bcc Button
Click the Bcc button
within the To field to add the field to the editor panel for your
current email.  The Bcc field will only accept individual email addresses.  Also, email addresses contained in the Bcc field will not be included in the statistics tracked in the Report component. The Bcc option is not available for Group/Campaign sends.

Subject Line
Type a subject for the email in this field.  The system will not send the email without a subject.  Try to use an interesting and relevant subject for your email that would entice the recipient to open the message.
Preview/Send Test Button

Choose the Preview button from the toolbar to check the appearance of the currently active email in the Email Editor.  The system will display a pop-up window with the contents of your active email.  This feature is useful to confirm the intended appearance of your email. Choose the Send Test button to send a trial of the currently active email in the Email Editor.  This option is useful to ensure all graphic elements as well as mail merge entities and web links are working as intended.  The trial email can be sent to any email address. The Preview option also allows you to view the template as it would appear to a smart phone user.


Save Button

At any time in the process of creating or editing an email, simply click the Save button along the top row of buttons in the Email Editor.   The system will generate a pop-up window once the Save button has been clicked.  The pop-up window will display the current list of folders in your account.  At this point, select from any folder available from the drop-down list in the Save Template field at the top of the form.  Existing files can then be selected from the navigation panel in the center of the window if it is desired to use an existing file name as a starting point or to overwrite an existing file.  Alternatively, the name can be directly typed into the File Name field at the bottom of the form. If the email has been saved previously, the name will automatically appear in the File Name field at the bottom of the form. In order to complete the process, click the Save button at the bottom of the form.  To exit the form without saving, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the form.

Auto-post to Social
Whether you send your email campaign now or schedule it for later delivery, you have the choice to automatically post your campaign to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Upon clicking on the Save or Schedule buttons, checkboxes will appear allowing you to make a selection.


Send Now or Schedule

Campaigns can be sent immediately or scheduled for delivery at a later date or time.

Schedule Button
Click the Schedule button if you don’t want to send the email right away.  Once the Schedule button is clicked, the system will display a pop-up window which will allow you to pick a time and date for the email to be sent. At this point you are also given the choice to simultaneous post your campaign to your social media accounts. Once you have specified the scheduled sending date and time, click the Save button in the upper right corner of the window. Your scheduled email will now be viewable in the Scheduled folder. To edit or cancel a scheduled email, mouse over the campaign within the Scheduled folder and choose either the edit or delete icons. If you want to exit the window without scheduling, click the Cancel button.


Send Button
Once the email has been configured to your satisfaction, it can be sent by clicking on the Send button. At this point you are also given the choice to simultaneous post your campaign to your social media accounts. The system will generate a confirmation page once the Send Now button has been clicked.  This page will display the status of your email when it is sent successfully.



Click the Attachment button to add an attachment to your email. 
After the button has been clicked, use the file navigation popup ​to locate and select the file from your local device.
The attached file will appear at the header of the email, once sent, not in the body of the email. Attachments are limited to 10MB and to email sends with a maximum of 10 recipients.


Background Color
Click on the desired portion of the email to change its background color.  Once the color change icon is clicked, you will have the option to select from the grid of color samples, choose your own from the color spectrum or match an existing color in the email.

Don’t worry about making mistakes when designing your email.  We have undo and redo functions in the editor.  Use the undo button to undo your last changes to your email.  Use the redo button to reverse the undo selection.

NOTE: Email Campaigns will be sent with footers, not visible in the Email Editor directly.
The system will automatically add information to the footer of all broadcast emails in order to comply with the legal requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act. The physical address of the sender is required.  The physical address and web address for the company website can be edited in the Account Profile section.  All broadcast emails will be sent with the following footer information:  Physical Address, Company Website, Unsubscribe, Privacy Policy, and Forward to a Friend. 
Single emails will not be sent with footers.


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